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The Orsoni Master in Mosaico

master in mosaic
Orsoni Master in Mosaico

“Living the Venice Workshop,
history, theory and application of mosaic art”

Orsoni foundry

is held in Venice, at the Angelo Orsoni foundry.

Orsoni students

The one and two week classes, are reserved for a maximum of 6 people enrolled in each session.

Orsoni class

The participants are artists, designers, architects and creative people interested in learning the theoretical and
practical elements of the ancient craft of mosaic.

Lucio Orsoni & Antonella Gallenda

Drawing from the precious legacy of the world renown mosaic artist
Lucio Orsoni and his assistant Antonella Gallenda,

Orsoni mosaic art gallery

the participants will discover the secrets of mosaic, its history

Orsoni mosaic classes

and its innumerable possibilities of expression.

mosaic hammer & hardie
chopping smalti with hammer & hardie

As true key players in the life of the artist’s workshop,

preparing 24k gold

the students experiment with all phases of mosaic art,

orsoni mosaic gold
orsoni mosaic gold pizzas

from witnessing the production of gold leaf mosaic

orsoni smalti
Orsoni smalti & mosaic gold - color matching

and smalti

Orsoni glass furnace

in the incandescent furnace,

cutting Orsoni mosaic gold

to cutting materials with traditional tools,

working with mosaic gold
working with mosaic gold

and learning various mosaic techniques on different media.

San Marco mosaics

A wonderful Venetian adventure, infused with tours,

Orsoni smalti library

mosaic instruction and immersion into the historic world of Orsoni.

working with mosaic gold
working with mosaic gold

The Master is also accredited through the
International Interior Design Association (course 5086)
and participants receive 3.2 Continuing Education units.

orsoni thematic mosaic classes
Mosaic Portrait - Lucio Orsoni

Special thematic mosaic classes are also offered throughout the year.

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