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The Orsoni Smalti Factory


Orsoni garden

At 1045 Fondamenta di Cannaregio,
high old walls conceal

Orsoni 'glory hole'

the fascination of a nineteenth-century glass furnace,
as though to protect it.

orsoni glass furnace
Orsoni glass furnace

It is the foundry of Angelo Orsoni,

Orsoni smalti & mosaic gold

the prestigious Venetian company that manufactures glass
mosaic with gold leaf
and enamels, purchased by Trend in 2003.

Orsoni foundry

It is enough to step over the threshold to be carried away
by the magic of a world where time seems to have stood still.

measuring orsoni smalti

The fire, the furnace, the marbled crucibles, every corner,
reveals part of the legendary tradition of creating glass for mosaic.

matching colors

Bearing witness to the Orsoni’s love of mosaic art and to the decades of
meticulous formulae for combining light and colour,

Orsoni smalti color library

the “colour library”, next to the furnace,
preserves an infinite number

Orsoni smalti color library

(almost 3000) of tones and shades
that go far beyond our imagination.

orsoni smalti rotti

Every day, hundreds of kilos of coloured enamels
leave the old factory in Cannaregio, destined for far-off lands.

chopping smalti with hammer & hardie
chopping smalti with hammer & hardie

But production is still anchored
to the slow rhythms needed to create works of the finest craftsmanship.

mosaic art detail

The efforts of the master glassmaker are widely rewarded by the rich
artistic and aesthetic qualities that a skilled mosaicist
can achieve in a decoration.

mosaic gold
orsoni mosaic gold pizzas

The most highly refined manufacturing in today’s world
still relies on an ancient technique, the union of pure gold with glass.

preparing 24k gold

Every.phpect of the work is done lovingly by hand, guided by
a century of careful study and rigorous experimentation

Lucio Orsoni Mosaic

to produce a profusion of vibrant chromatic scales

orsoni mosaic gold stockholm

and stunning outcomes.

mosaic gold palette

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