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The Mosaic Art 2008 Yearbook (CD)

Mosaic Art Now Magazine

An annual magazine devoted to celebrating
and showcasing new directions in modern mosaic art. 
The 2008 edition presents some of the best work
from today's mosaic artists throughout the globe.
 106 color photos

Listening to the Rocks:
Creating Modern Mosaic Art with Natural Stone Tesserae

by Sophie Drouin and Bill Buckingham Published 2008 

This 46-page book is the first of its kind, devoted exclusively to using rocks and minerals as source materials for modern mosaic art. Master mosaic artists, Sophie Drouin and Bill Buckingham, discuss in detail different types of rocks most adaptable for mosaics. They explore a variety of topics and design considerations that will help you create modern mosaics with stone. Plenty of useful information and many full-color photographs make this book a "must-have" for mosaic artists and enthusiasts who work with stone. 

Antioch Mosaics a corpus

by Fatih Cimok
320pp, 24 x 31.5cm, over 230 colour pictures,
black and white drawings, English.

This book includes the most important Antioch mosaic pavements displayed in the Hatay Archaeological Museum at Antakya, Turkey, seventeen different institutions in the USA and the Louvre. The mosaics were brought to light in and around Antioch on the Orontes (Antakya), Seleucial Pleria (Cevlik) and Daphne (Defne) in 1932-37. 

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